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More Than 60 Years of Legal Experience

A Trusted and Experienced Law Firm in Victoria, TX

The Law Office of O.F. Jones III has a history of success stretching back to 1972. We are a law firm in Victoria, TX, which prides itself on helping individuals, families, and businesses with a range of legal services. Our primary focus is family, probate, and personal injury law, but we also handle business and real estate matters and a small number of litigation cases. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Family Law in Victoria, TXFamily Law Wills and Estate in Victoria, TX

Wills & Estates

Personal Injury in Victoria, TX

Personal Injury

Services Offered with Tact and Respect

There are some legal matters which are very sensitive and emotionally charged, a lot of those cases involve families, and children in particular. These are the issues which call for a gentle touch, one delivered by a practitioner who has the personal skills and sensitivity which is called for at these times. You will find the tact, courtesy, and respect at the Law Office of O.F. Jones III. We are the firm to call upon when you need a family law attorney. Thanks to our decades of experience, our firm knows when to take a calm and soothing manner when dealing with family law, but we also realize when it’s time to stand firm and fight tooth and nail for our client’s rights. Whatever approach is needed, you can be sure we will keep your best interests at the forefront of our minds.

Planning for the Future

Not every legal issue is one which has an immediate impact. There are instances where the attorney services you take advantage of today are focused on the future. These matters include things like creating wills and estate planning. We have a great deal of experience in these areas and are very capable of offering outstanding service with wills, estates, and probate. Additionally, we have a range of skills regarding personal injury law with proven results. Whenever you need assistance, we are ready and eager to support you.

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Law Office of O.F. Jones III in Victoria, TX

About Law Office of O.F. Jones III

The Law Office of O.F. Jones III is a small law firm based in Victoria, TX. Our founder, Oscar "Dink" Jones, has been practicing law since 1956 and has had an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell for the past 20 years. His father and grandfather were both lawyers, and he brings more than 60 years of experience to his practice. He is always personable and professional, and he takes pride in resolving any legal problem that clients bring through his door.

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